An outstanding innovation

Discover The worlds first hard tail, inflatable surfboard.


The Pendleboard is the first of its kind,

a new generation of Paddle Boards that combines :


-a fiberglass / EPS Tail 3’6″ long and

-an inflatable nose section 5′ and 6′ feet long for the 8’6″ and 9’6″.

The result is a highly compact, high performance SUP surfboard, that deflates and folds up for easy travel and storage.

Ready and pached





The board is equipped with :

-standard Futures side fins and

-US box center fins,

so you can put any fin setup of your choice.

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The EPS / fiberglass rear end is perfectly shaped for best performance.

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The board is fully pumped up at 15 psi, the small inflated nose area compared to a full inflatable board allows you to pump in one go taking about 40 to 50 seconds.


The construction process we have developed for the Pendleboard allows us to have a very precise control over the outline and rocker line of the board, that is not always the case with full inflatable boards.

The short inflated area combined with the rigid rear end gives an overall stiff board with a slight flex that turns out to be an advantage like you would have on a wakeboard, snowboard, or even a skate longboard.

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Board Specs:

The Pendleboard has been designed as a pack including the pump, 4 side fins, a repair kit and a board bag. The FreeRide boards also include foot straps and a long fin.

Important :
From all our testing and feedback, the board is very stable for its size. In general, our riders say it is as stable as a regular hardboard that is 1 foot longer - this is because of the extra volume and width in the nose. The table below is to help select the ideal size for you. If you are more than 90 kg and not an expert rider we advise you the 10'6.
All sizes have the same hard tail shape and size, but the nose section is wider and longer on the larger sizes.

Board Pack includes :

  • 1 Pendleboard Hardtail Air SUP board
    8'6''  x 30" x 4''      138 L     9.8 kg
    9'6''  x 31"  x 4"       158L      10.7 kg
    10'6" x 33" x 4"       200L     12 kg

  • 1 High Volume high pressure hand pump

  • 4 Futures Plastic Fins  (The boards all have a center US fin box for tri fin or single fin set up option)

  • 1 Board Bag with wheels and backpack straps

  • 1 Repair kit

Bag size is 130 x 80 x 16 cm, same bag size for all boards including Free ride Boards.
Total bag weight with everything inside (Board, Pump, Fins, Repair Kit) is between 14 kg and 16 kg depending on sizes. 

FreeRide 125 L  Board dimensions : 229 x 76 cm for a weight of 8.7 kg
FreeRide 140 L  Board dimensions : 259 x 78 cm for a weight of 9.8 kg

Easily pack in the bag; board, pump, leaving you a lot of extra space for your paddle, board shorts, wetsuit and leash. For travelling you even have space for extra clothes and personal items avoiding an extra suitcase.

The board can be packed in its bag with its fins on, or the standard Futures fins can be taken off in a few seconds.

See below a map of the Foot Strap holes for the FreeRide Boards, the holes are not visible because the EVA pad covers them, but you can screw the foot straps through the pad.


Until now, there were

only 2 categories of

stand up paddle boards

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