Product includes:

1 x Pendleboard WINDSUP 8'6" x 30" ≈ 134 L ≈ 9.8kg color Yellow/Grey/Blue
1 x High volume, high pressure hand pump 
4 x Futures fins
1 x Boardbag 


Product Description:

The world now has a stand up paddle board that is convenient to transport and store, as well as high performance on flat water with sharp manoeuvres and great fun on waves.

The Pendleboard rigid tail section has hard rails and stiff fins for performance on the wave. It’s inflatable nose section deflates for easy transport and storage. 

Design Brief:

The performance brief was for a board with characteristics that we have come to expect from flat water cruise and wave SUPs.
Great glide, tight turns, good stability for its size, good acceleration, minimal swing weight in the nose, good drive through turns, good grip on a steep wave face.

The convenience brief was to make a board that will travel on airlines without attracting excess baggage fees, to fit into the back seat of a small car, to be manageable even for small children.

The quality brief was for a board and accessories that will satisfy the most discerning customers.
To have a durable board to last the user years of enjoyment without need for maintenance or parts

Technology and Construction

EPS - Epoxy:

Tried and tested in the surfboard industry over decades, the tail section is a pressure moulded fibreglass / carbon / bamboo sandwich construction over an expanded polystyrene EPS core.  Presure moulding ensures a precise and consistent shape and quality, allowing the perfect connection with the inflated nose section for ultimate rocker and twist control.
We have inserted a pressure plug to increase security of the laminates during air travel or prolonged storage in hot cars.

Dropstitch PVC:

Using a high density dropstitch PVC, and top of the range two-pack glue, the nose section holds 14 PSI at normal operating temperature.  It has a high rigidity rating and high UV stability.



Based on the trusted method used in rigid hull inflatable boats (RIB) construction where PVC inflatable sections are glued on top of a fibreglass hull, we have modified and developed the best join to connect together our hard tail and inflatable nose section.  Our join is bombproof and rigid for a smooth ride.


Key Features:

- Fitted with foot mast for windsurfing

- High volume to length ratio for easy wave catching with maneuverability
- Quad Futures fins with US box centre fin option (4+1 set up).
- CAD Designed, Mauritian reef tested.
- Epoxy rail tuck construction for extra strong rails.
- Surf rocker line optimised for medium size waves
- Flat Deck for secure stance
- Epoxy glass/bamboo sandwich hard tail section of 115 cm long
- Deflatable PVC drop stitch nose section for compact travel and storage



The Pendleboard comes in a convenient and tough travel bag, to protect the board and accessories and also to make SUP experience more accessible and convenient for the user.



- Nylon 600D outer, polyester
- Nylon tail and corner protection
- 5mm foam protection
- Nylon corrosion-free zipper 
- Fin slot and accessories pouch
- High quality urethane wheels
- Backpack straps
- Side and end mounted carry handles
- Compression straps
- Bag Dimensions ≈ 130cm x 80cm x 15cm 
- Shipping Box ≈ 130cm x 80cm x 19cm 


High Pressure Pump:

The Pendleboard comes with a  high pressure pump to ensure  the board is nice and stiff for maximum performance.


£1,165.00 Regular Price
£749.00Sale Price